• “Go therefore and make  disciples of all nations...

    “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations..."

    Mat 28:19

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    Hope For Today

    Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the life..."

Ubuntu-in-Christ Bible Church (UCBC) is a charismatic bible-centred and community-based church operating under the auspices of Dick Koza Ministries, founded in 2009 by Pastor Dick Koza. The vision of the Church is to teach the undiluted Word of God while embracing human diversity. At UCBC we uphold the teachings of Jesus Christ and promote the mantra “love God, love yourself and love your neighbour”.

Unveiling Pastor Dick Koza’s new book: God loves culture

On 6 September 2014 Pastor Dick Koza launched his new book “God loves Culture” at Rhema Bible Church. The speakers at the launch, which was attended by about 350 guests included Deputy Minister Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams on culture, politics and education; Bishop Mosa Sono on culture and Christianity; Dr Teddy de Almeida on culture and business; and Pastor Giet Khosa who delivered a message on behalf of Pastor Ray McCauley.

“God loves culture” addresses the importance of African culture in christianity, education, business and politics; amongst others. “As human beings, we are spiritual, physical and cultural beings. I therefore wrote the book because I still find that as black Christians we are confused with the relationship between culture and Christianity,” says Pastor Koza.

In 2009, Pastor Koza published his first book, “God of Diversity.” Its unique messaging on culture and the Bible captured the minds of many across the country and the continent.

‘God loves culture’ is available at R150 per copy from the Rhema Bible Church bookshop or directly from Pastor Dick Koza by making payment at:

Account holder: DM Koza
Account number: 21642826
Account type: Cheque acc
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch code: 018005

Kindly send your proof of payment to info@ubuntuinchrist.org.za
For more information about the book please contact Ms Nthabeleng Mokitimi at 081 308 0193 or Nthabeleng@ubuntuinchrist.org.za